Pre Treatment Systems

Pre Treatment Systems

Pre-treatment is necessary for achieving the desired corrosion resistance and finish of a product. Engineering excellence, together with strong strategic abilities, makes Trutek a preferred choice in the area of pre-treatment systems. In fact, we enjoy a clear competitive edge in making and supplying complex systems for the pre-treatment of all metal components (including MS, aluminum and galvanized iron) from the brake lever to truckload body.

We provide mass production conveyorized spray pre-treatment facilities as well as automatic/semi-automatic batch type pre-treatment facilities. The design of the entire system is entirely driven by the client’s brief and product profile. The spray pre-treatment facilities can be entirely made of stainless steel or a combination of mild steel and stainless steel, depending on the customer’s capital allocation for the project. Also, the pre-treatment facility can be fully conveyorized or automatic transporter based, depending on the volume of production.


Trutek has successfully ventured into the highly specialized domain of cathodic electro-deposition, which offers exceptional coating performance over a metal substrate. We have the strategic and technical capability to deliver electro-coating systems with emphasis on reducing capital equipment costs through efficient line design. We offer turnkey e-coat solutions that typically include: Alkaline Cleaner, Water Rinse, Water Rinse, Surface Conditioner, Zinc Phosphate, Rinse, Seal, De-ionized Water Rinse, Electro coat Application, Permeate Rinse, Final De-ionized Water Rinse, and Cure Oven. Through proper design of the processing system and support equipment, we make systems that comply with the most stringent environmental regulations.

Autophoretic Coating

Trutek has the expertise to make autophoretic coating plants that offer the benefit of high rust resistance for your product or component. We offer systems with end-to-end capabilities, which include controls, tank heating, and ventilation. Our autophoretic coating plants comprise a series of tanks to clean and coat the steel, reaching every nook and cranny of the part. High precision time and temperature control enable you to fine-tune the operation, resulting in coat consistency while minimizing energy consumption.